Is there a minimum direct deposit I need to deposit in my Earnin account?

A minimum of $500 direct deposit per month is required to upgrade to Earnin Card. Remember, “cash” in your Deposit Account is FDIC-insured and is available to use on your Earnin Card anywhere Visa is accepted. (Banking Services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust.)

If you deposit less than $500 per month into Earnin, you may not see an increase in your pay period Max. Remember, you can use your Earnin Card anywhere Visa is accepted if you want to spend your cash (and future earnings). 

Here’s what we suggest:

Simply move your entire paycheck to direct deposit in your Deposit Account. While moving your paycheck to Earnin, you have the option to route part of your paycheck to an external bank account. Calculate the total amount you need for expenses that are tied to your external account. Route this amount back to your external account using the paycheck router feature. The rest of your paycheck will be deposited in your Earnin Account to maximize your earnings. You can change this amount at any time from Settings. 

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