I set up my paycheck direct deposit to EarnIn, but my pay period Max went down to $0. Why?

This could happen in one of two scenarios: 

  1. You chose to route your entire paycheck back to your external bank account. This causes your pay period Max to go down to $0 to ensure there are sufficient funds on payday to complete your auto-transfer. 
  2. Your direct deposit with EarnIn is less than $500 per month.

You can view the impact of your auto-transfer by going into Paycheck router settings. To do this, head to the settings menu (☰) in the bottom navigation bar of the EarnIn app. Click on the “Paycheck router” menu item. Here you will be able to see your current pay period Max. As you reduce your auto-transfer amount your pay period Max will go up (or Max will go down if you increase your auto-transfer amount).

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