What is the Paycheck Router?

In order to get your Earnin Card, you need to move your direct deposit to Earnin. We understand that moving your paycheck away from your existing bank can be hard. You likely have an existing set of bills and payments tied to your external account. Moving your paycheck to Earnin doesn’t mean that you have to break up with your bank. 


Paycheck router makes it easy for you to manage your hard earned paycheck. Simply move your entire paycheck to direct deposit in your Deposit Account. Using the Paycheck router, you can choose to move part of your paycheck back to your existing linked bank account. On pay day, Earnin will automatically transfer your chosen amount to your bank. The auto-transfer will be limited by available funds in your paycheck after “Earnings Spent” deductions, tips and fees. See what happens on payday for detail.  Earnings Spent includes earnings transferred out to your linked bank account or spent via the Earnin Card.

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