Why did my pay period Max go down after I set up direct deposit?

To ensure that you do not overspend through the Earnin app, we reserve part of your earnings for your paycheck auto-transfer. This is reflected via a reduction in your pay period Max. Once you hit your pay period Max, we will notify you that further spend is blocked to protect your paycheck auto-transfer. You can unlock further earnings by reducing your auto-transfer amount (or turning off the paycheck router).


You can always change your auto-transfer amount by going into Paycheck router settings. To do this, head to the settings menu (☰) in the bottom navigation bar of the Earnin app. Click on the “Paycheck router” menu item, and you’ll be able to either toggle “off” the auto-transfer to your external bank  (keep all  your paycheck in Earnin) or reduce the “auto-transfer” amount. We’ll show you how your pay period Max will be impacted based on your auto-transfer amount.


Please note, that if you choose to transfer your entire paycheck back to your external account, your pay period Max will go down to $0. This means you will not be able to spend from earnings in that pay period.

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