What is a Secured Account?

Your Earnin Card works with a Secured Account to make sure your card can always be paid off. Any time you use your Earnin Card, that amount is removed from your “available” in the app. It is set aside to prevent overspending beyond what you can pay back.  The Secured Account is FDIC-insured through our partner bank, Evolve Bank & Trust, which has a security interest in it.


When it’s time to get paid, a few things happen with your Secured Account:


  1. Your paycheck direct deposits with Earnin (up to 2 days before payday)
  2. Earnin will set aside funds to cover 'Earnings Spent' in the previous pay period, including any tips and fees. Earnings Spent includes earnings transferred out to your linked bank account or spent via the Earnin Card.
  3. If you opted to auto-transfer a portion of your paycheck to your linked bank, we’ll transfer up to that amount or the remaining funds from your paycheck (whichever is less).
  4. Any remaining funds will be deposited into your Earnin Secured Account. 


Some of the funds in your Secured Account go towards a portion of what’s “Available.” As soon as you use your card to pay for items, funds get secured and are no longer available. This keeps you from overspending with Earnin Card.