FAQ - Timesheet Earnings

Can I manually update my earnings?

We can manually update earnings via the app with an image or screenshot of your timesheet. Upload your electronic timesheet in the app directly or contact support to send in your timesheet. 


Why is the app asking for a screenshot of my timesheet?

You’ll see this message when the app notices that you don’t have any accrued earnings via work email or GPS, which means you can’t transfer out. You can upload an image or screenshot of your timesheet that includes your name and hours worked (either total or clock in/out times).

For details visit, How do I upload my timesheet to add earnings? 


I uploaded a screenshot of my timesheet, why didn't my earnings change?

The most common reasons why your earnings have not yet updated:

  • You recently uploaded your timesheet.
    • It can take a few hours for your timesheet to be reviewed and processed
  • The timesheet you sent may be missing some information that we need.


How do I get earnings for Paid Time Off (PTO) if I add earnings through timesheets?

You can get earnings during PTO (or paid leave of absence) if you’re able to provide the following:

  1. A screenshot of your electronic timesheet showing the dates you are on paid leave. 
    • Your hours must show as approved.
  2. If your timesheet doesn't show the hours are approved, please provide the following:
    • A copy of your pay stub showing the PTO hours were confirmed as paid. 
    • Alternatively, you can provide an official document from your employer stating you will be paid for the PTO period. 
  • Types of paid leave that EarnIn can accept:
    • Vacation/PTO
    • Paid sick days
    • Maternity /Paternity Leave (but documents showing you have already filed for Maternity Leave are required)
    • Bereavement
    • Medical Leave of Absence (LOA)
    • Teachers: Only for paid time off (not Summer Hours)