How do I get WeWin tickets?

There are currently multiple ways to earn WeWin Tickets.

You can earn a ticket for every $10 you save in your Tip Yourself account. As long as you maintain the amount saved in your Tip Yourself account, your tickets will be eligible to play for prizes each week.


You can also increase your chances of winning by inviting friends or family members to join WeWin. Each friend you refer will earn you 100 Bonus Tickets when they select their numbers and deposit their first $10 into their Tip Yourself account. Bonus Tickets are eligible for one week and will be played at the start of the next week's game. This Bonus Ticket offer can be discontinued at Earnin’s discretion at any time.


For more information, please view the WeWin rules.


If I withdraw money from my Tip Jar, will I lose my WeWin Tickets?

Yes, in order to maintain your WeWin tickets week to week, you must also maintain your Tip Yourself deposit. This helps encourage long term savings and healthy financial wellness habits.

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