How much can I win with WeWin?

With WeWin, you can win up to $10 Million dollars by savings as little as $10 in your Tip Yourself Tip Jar, but beyond the big grand prize, there are tons of smaller prizes given out each and every week.

Instead of paying a traditional interest rate, WeWin rewards saving money with weekly cash prizes.

Here is the full set of prizes that can be won.


WeWin has a $10 million dollar prize. What's the catch?

There's no catch! To win the $10 million prize, all you have to do is match the seven numbers on your ticket with the numbers drawn during that week.

Even if you don't match all seven numbers, you can still win smaller prizes by matching some of the numbers.

When you’re saving small amounts of money, you aren’t able to earn much from interest.

For more information, please view the WeWin rules.

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