Is tipping mandatory?

Using the app is free of charge, and tipping for the service after you Cash Out is not mandatory either. However, if you wanted to send a tip for the Cash Out you made you may choose from $0 up to $14. The tip will be debited on your checking account plus your recent Cash Out on your next payday.

We want our community to trust that we’ve got each other’s back. When you have a little extra, give it to someone who needs it, and knows that when you come up short someone in the community will have your back.

If you receive a message saying someone covered your tip, this means someone has tipped enough to Pay It Forward and cover your tip for your Cash Out. It's up to you whether or not you want to keep this chain going.

We rely on our community members to support the work we do. When you tip for your Cash Out, you're supporting an entire community of people and it ensures that our service will still be available for all our community members in the future.

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