How do I upload my timesheet to add earnings?

If GPS earnings or work email earnings aren’t compatible with your work situation, you can upload your timesheet for manual verification. Your timesheet (the hours you’ve already worked but haven’t been paid for) shouldn't be confused with a schedule (the hours you're going to work in the future) or a pay stub (the hours you were recently paid for). 

To make sure your timesheets upload successfully, please follow these requirements.

Electronic (screenshot), printed or PDF

All timesheets must be a screenshot, printed, or a PDF (not handwritten). 

Electronic timesheets should be computer or mobile device screenshot (i.e. Gust, ADP, Ultipro, etc.)

Printed timesheets refer to an image of your paper timesheet. 

A PDF version can also be uploaded. 

For printed timesheets, handwritten names can be accepted as long as the details are printed out.


Uploaded timesheets must display the following: 

  • Your first and last name
  • Your hours worked each day or daily shift times. 
  • Dates for your current pay period 

Also, the information must be clear (we can’t accept blurry or unreadable images). 

Note that we're unable to process the following:

  • Schedules 
  • Pay stubs
  • Any timesheet marked "Unapproved" or "For Approval" timesheet

How to upload your timesheets

  1. Open your EarnIn app.
  2. Tap on the 3 lines at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on My Earnings. 
  4. Select Timesheet Upload to initiate the process
  5. Tap on Get Started and select your timesheet by taking a photo or uploading from your phone gallery.

If the Timesheet Upload option is unavailable, you are already getting earnings through GPS and work email verification.