Balance Shield alerts and automatic cashouts.

Let Balance Shield do the worrying for you! With Balance Shield alerts and automatic cashouts, you can use your earnings to avoid overdrafts.

You can choose to turn on either alerts, automatic cashouts, or both!

Balance Shield will send you a push notification alert when your bank balance falls below an amount of your choosing. You’ll choose the amount when you sign up and you can change it at any time.

Balance Shield cashouts will check your earnings and maxes throughout the day and then automatically cash out your pre-set amount of up to $100 to make sure you don’t overdraft your bank account. As always, there’s no fee attached to any of our services, though tips are appreciated to keep Earnin up and running for our community.

Keep in mind, the amount we’re able to send to your bank account depends on your both your Daily & Pay Period Maxes and your amount of available earnings. So, be sure to keep hours available by adding timesheets regularly (or by keeping your app permissions and location on if your earnings are added automatically).

Want to turn on Balance Shield automatic cashouts and alerts? Click here!

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