Does Earnin charge fees or interest?

Earnin does not charge fees, interest or have any hidden costs to use the app. We depend on our community to support us by tipping what they think is fair when they use the app. 

It’s up to you how much you want to give back, and we don’t require you to pay anything at all. We want our community to trust that we’ve got each other’s back. You can also pay it forward to other community members and pay to cover their tip. In return, you’ll get the same support from the community when you come up short.

Join our community if you like what we're doing and help support the payday revolution!

Note that when you have a little extra, give it to someone who needs it. And know that when you come up short someone in the community will get your back. 

That's why we let you choose how much to pay for the service. We rely on our user community to support the work we do. When you pay for your Cash Out, you're supporting us and an entire community of people.

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