How does EarnIn make money?

EarnIn makes money in two primary ways.

1. Lightning Speed transaction fees - Transfer outs completed with Lightning Speed deliver your money within minutes*. There’s a cost for Lightning Speed transfers. Click here to learn more about Lightning Speed.

2. Tips - Community members can tip what they think is fair as they access their earnings. Tips go primarily toward app development, data security and improving the community member experience. Tipping does not impact the availability of Cash Out services or the amount of your Pay Period Max.


Lightning Speed and tips are optional. Community members can always opt to transfer out using standard speed (1-2 business days) with no additional cost. Tips are never required on transfers, regardless of the amount.

EarnIn has also received venture capital funding which goes toward company growth and product development.



Does EarnIn Charge Mandatory Fees* or Interest?
No. EarnIn does not charge mandatory fees*, interest, or have any hidden costs to use the app.

Is tipping mandatory?
No. If you decide to send a tip as part of a transfer, you may choose from $0 up to $13. The tip will be debited from your checking account (along with your transfer amount) on your next payday. Tips do not affect your Maxes or customer service priority.

*Earnin does not charge hidden fees for use of its services. Lightning Speed may not be available to all Community Members. Some transactions may take up to 30 minutes depending on the card and network status. Restrictions and/or third-party fees may apply, see for details.