I reached my Max limit. When can I Cash Out again?

Earnin provides the community with two types of Maxes:

  1.  Daily Max is what you can cash out in a single day.
  2. Pay period Max is what you can cash out each pay period.

If you have reached your daily Max, you will be able to cash out the next day, as long as you haven't reached your pay period Max. 

Sometimes your bank may have a delay in communication with Earnin, so the app may show your pay period Max has not been reset. If this happens, contact our support team with the following information:

  • Take a screenshot of the Earnin debits on your checking account
  • Make sure the image includes your current bank balance and all our debits

Once we receive the screenshot of our debits, we will be able to assist you further.

As we collaborate with our community members on financial independence, we work hard to keep your pay period Max in your hands. Your pay period Max can increase with good habits or by reaching out to the community for a temporary Max Boost. Check out our Facebook page here to connect with our community.


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