I reached my Max. When can I Cash Out again?

If you've reached your daily Max, you'll be able to Cash Out again the next day, as long as you haven't hit your pay period Max. Your daily max is the maximum you are allowed to cash out in one day. Your pay period Max is the most you can cash out until you get paid next.

Pay period Maxes reset on payday after we see your paycheck and receive money back from the previous pay period. Sometimes banks can take longer to send us account updates than others.

Sometimes the app still shows you've reached your Max, or that it's waiting for you to get paid. This is because we don't have a live connection with your online bank & the info about our payments and your direct deposit is sometimes delayed.

Just send our support team a screenshot of your direct deposit and/or our payments and we’ll take care of it for you! Don't forget to include the last four digits of your account # in the photo.

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