How do I increase my pay period Max?

There are a few factors used to determine your Earnin Pay Period Max. Keep in mind, your Max may increase or decrease depending on the following:

Money Management

  1. Keep your bank balance positive
  2. Sign up for Balance Shield to protect yourself from overdrafts
  3. Spend less money than you make

Earnin Use

  1. You're part of a growing community. Support the service by paying it forward
  2. Make sure we can debit your account on payday after you cash out money

Your Bank

  1. Make sure Earnin is connected to your main checking account with your paycheck deposits
  2. Connect a Chase account with Earnin. Chase sends us transaction updates more quickly, and they offer Lightning Speed! 

If you’re doing well in each of these categories and continue to use the app, you’re likely to see a Max increase soon. We evaluate maxes again around each pay cycle. 

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