Why does Earnin have Maxes?

At Earnin, we care about the financial well-being of all our community members. When using Cash Out, everyone starts with a pay period Max of $100. Over time, based on a number of factors, a person's pay period Max can adjust to range from $50 to $500.

Your individual pay period Max is tied to your overall financial health, which includes details like how often a positive bank balance is maintained and whether you spend less money than you make. Each pay period, your pay period Max is reevaluated, so you can see your good financial habits impact your pay period Max over time.

The amount you tip (or don't tip) doesn't directly affect your individual pay period Max. Instead, we look at your personal financial health and our community's tipping. If a community as a whole is tipping, we're able to offer higher pay period Maxes to all. It's your money, you should have access to it when you need it.

As we collaborate with our community members on financial independence, we work hard to keep your pay period Max in your hands. Your pay period Max can increase with good habits or by reaching out to the community for a temporary Max Boost. Check out our Facebook page here to connect with our community.

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