Why did my Max decrease?


Several factors are taken into account when adjusting Maxes. Your individual Max is tied to your overall financial health, which includes details like how often a positive bank balance is maintained and whether you spend less money than you make. Each pay period, your Cash Out Max is reevaluated, so you can see your good financial habits impact your Max over time.

The amount you tip (or don't tip) doesn't directly affect your individual Cash Out Max. Instead, we look at your personal financial health and our community's tipping. If a community as a whole is tipping, we're able to offer higher Maxes to all. It's your money, you should have access to it when you need it.

Here are some tips we recommend to help increase your Max --

  1. Maintain a positive bank balance and avoid overdraft fees
  2. Spend less money than you make
  3. Have enough money in your bank account to cover our scheduled debits

If you need help keeping track of recurring payments and upcoming bills, you can use the calendar feature on the Earnin app. Like all our services, this feature is available at no charge, interest, or hidden costs.


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