I'm having problems with my bank connection in the app.


Like some other finance apps, Earnin uses bank providers to create a connection to your bank. so we’re not in control of how often we can get an update from your bank or if there are errors connecting with them. They help us get information from your bank like bank balance, pay schedule, and also shows when our payments have posted.

Banks themselves also makes updates in their system and policy to keep clients’ accounts secure. The app recognizes this too, so there are times when we lose connection because of the change.

If the app lost connection to your bank, we recommend that you re-enter your bank info in the app and make sure that your bank account, routing number, and bank login credentials are correct. Remember this is case sensitive and special characters matter. If the connection still fails after this attempt, you may reach out to our 24/7 chat support. We’ll be more than glad to look further into the issue and assist you accordingly. 

 Aside from creating a healthy connection, it is also worth noting that the app needs to be linked to a checking account where you receive 50% or more of your direct deposit.

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