How does the Earnin Cash Back Rewards program work?


Earnin Cash Back Rewards helps you earn cash back on your everyday purchases at an eligible merchant. Unlike coupons or discount programs, Earnin Cash Back Rewards applies cash back rewards to your entire purchase. 

Here's how the program works:

#1: Join the Earnin Community

  • Click here for step by step directions on how to join Earnin

#2: Enroll an eligible debit or credit card

  • Earnin Cash Back Rewards works with MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards (Visa coming soon). You can earn rewards while spending on your debit card by running it as credit at checkout. (Note: we can only support debit transactions run as credit at this time.) 

#3: Browse Offers at participating stores

  1. Open the Earnin app
  2. Tap on the Cash Back Rewards in your Toolkit
  3. You can browse Offers under the Offers tab. Each participating store shows the cash back percentage, store location, store phone number, and store website.

#4: Make a purchase using your enrolled card at a participating store

  • Simply swipe your enrolled card or use a chip reader. Please note that only credit transactions will earn rewards. 
  • If you are using your debit card, run the transaction as credit to successfully earn the reward. When running the sale as credit, you will be prompted to sign for the purchase instead of entering your PIN at checkout.

#5: Cash Back Rewards are applied

  • Your Earnin Cash Back Rewards will appear in your Earnin account after the purchase clears. You'll receive a push or email notification right after your purchase, and the Cash Back Rewards will be available to redeem within a few days. 

#5: Redeem your Cash Back Rewards to the checking account linked to your Earnin account. Click here for instructions on how to redeem.

After confirming, your Cash Back Rewards will be sent to the checking account you linked to your Earnin account.

Additional Notes

While you may have multiple debits and/or credit cards linked to Earnin Cash Back Rewards, you can only connect one primary checking account. All rewards will be sent to this checking account once redeemed.

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