Why didn’t I get my cash back from an Earnin Cash Back Rewards Offer?

We hate when you miss out on cash back as much as you do - it’s the worst.

There are several reasons why your transaction may not have earned Cash Back Rewards. Below are  a few reasons to help with troubleshooting.

  • Unenrolled card: You may have purchased an item with a card that is not enrolled in Earnin Cash Back Rewards.
  • Card enrolled in last 24 hours: If you enrolled in Earnin Cash Back Rewards in the past 24 hours, we may not be seeing your transactions. Hang tight for 1-2 days while we get you set up.
  • Posting delays: Earnin Cash Back Rewards need to clear on the card networks to be available. This typically takes 3-5 days, but can take up to 10 days to “clear”. If you haven’t seen a transaction after 10 days, please contact customer support.
  • Transaction run as “debit”: Earnin Cash Back Rewards works with enrolled debit cards, as long as the transaction is run as credit. Credit means signing for the transaction, not entering your PIN. This allows the card networks to see the transaction and Earnin to give you Cash Back Rewards. Your receipt will likely show if you’ve run the transaction as “credit” or “debit”. Some chip readers automatically run debit transactions as debit. If you did not receive your reward for an available offer, send a photo of your receipt to customer service and we'll do our best to find your Cash Back Rewards.
  • Ineligible card:  Earnin Cash Back Rewards works with Visa, MasterCard or American Express debit and credit cards. Unfortunately, Rewards currently doesn't work with Discover, prepaid, or retail cards.
  • Expired card: Your enrolled card may have expired, which will prevent you from earning Cash Back Rewards.
  • Offer expired: The offer may have expired prior to your purchase.
  • Participating locations: The location you visited may not be participating in Earnin Cash Back Rewards. Please ensure you visit locations listed in the Earnin app.
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