What does running “debit as credit” mean?

Earnin Cash Back Rewards works with Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards. To get cashback, card networks must process the transaction "as credit."

Transactions run as credit will require a signature on the transaction receipt. Whereas transactions run as debit will need to enter your PIN number.

Here are some pointers for running your debit card as credit:

During checkout, select the credit button (even if you are using your debit card). If the cashier asks debit or credit, request credit (even if you are using your debit card)

  • Running as credit does not impact your credit score.
  • Running as credit protects your PIN number.
  • Running as credit often provides better charge-back protection in the case of fraud.
  • Running as credit sometimes takes longer to post in your checking account, so make sure to check if the transaction shows up immediately or not.

Note: To receive Earnin Cash Back Rewards on your debit card, run each debit card transaction as credit.  If you use your PIN, the transaction is immediately deducted—or debited—from the bank account, this means we cannot see the transaction and provide your reward.

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