Can I use a prepaid card or a paycard?


No, we are unable to support prepaid accounts because we cannot guarantee a successful transfer. We are also unable to support paycards from employers (like Walmart Money Card) because they work similarly to prepaid accounts.

Here’s a list of all the prepaid accounts we don’t support:

  • NetSpend
  • Green Dot
  • RushCard
  • American Express Serve
  • Metabank Silver
  • BB&T MoneyAccount
  • US Bank Focus
  • Fifth Third Access 360
  • Skylight All-Access
  • BBVA Clearspend
  • PNC Smart Access Card
  • Chime
  • Wells Fargo EasyPay

Additional Notes

Bancorp Bank (Chime’s parent company) is not able to work with us in a way that allows us to transfer money to and from your account successfully.

If you’re considering opening a new checking account to use with the Earnin app, we recommend BBVA bank. BBVA sends us transaction updates faster, and they offer Lightning Speed.

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