Why are my debits to my credit union delayed?


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Here's a list of Credit Union banks that automatically delay the debits by a day:

  • Achieva Credit Union
  • Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
  • Altura Credit Union
  • A+ Federal Credit Union
  • Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union (AL)
  • Affinity Federal Credit Union
  • BCU (Baxter Credit Union)
  • Dade County FCU
  • Digital Federal Credit Union
  • Keesler Federal Credit Union (MS)
  • Publix Employees Credit Union
  • Robins Federal Credit Union
  • Service Credit Union
  • Space Coast CU
  • Solarity Credit Union

If you have an account with any of these banks, please reach out to our support team to set up a new payroll posting date. We will automatically debit one day after your paycheck arrives (unless you are  paid on a Friday).


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