Why am I getting Error 500 while using the app?

This is a generic error that can mean that there is a connection issue to our server.  Try the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Clear Cache and Data

  • Android
    1. Go to your phone Settings.
    2. Click on Apps.
    3. Look for the Earnin app.
    4. Go to storage, clear data, and then hit "ok"
    5. After you do so, the data should reset to 0.00 B
  • iOS
    1. Open your phone Settings.
    2. Swipe down and tap Safari.
    3. Swipe down again and tap Clear History and Website Data, tap it once again to confirm.

2. Restart the app.

3. If you are receiving this error when reconnecting your bank, do these:

  • If you are prompted to reconnect or change bank, choose RECONNECT.
  • If you are entering the bank info through Settings, choose UPDATE ONLINE BANKING INFO


Helpful Hints

When something like this happens, it is best to try to access our app at a later time. However, if the issue persists, contact support.

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