What is the Boost feature?



Together with our community, Earnin is building innovative solutions to societal problems.  As we see it, the world works best when people choose to help each other. With Boosts, we give our community even more collaborative control, just like paying what you think is fair. Since we know people are always asking for higher maxes, we put the power to raise maxes in the hands of our community. When you responsibly vouch for your friends, you’re helping the entire community grow stronger.

If you request a Boost from another community member and they approve it, you will get a temporary $50 Pay Period Max increase. Please note that this temporary Boost will expire at the end of the pay period, and, if used, the $50 Boost will be included in Earnin's debits on payday.

Enrollment Qualifications (Both Requester and Granter)

  • Have at least one cash out.

  • Have no failed debits.

Things to keep in mind

  • You cannot get an increase beyond your paycheck cap.

  • You are only allowed one Max increase per pay period.

Additional notes

  • This feature is currently in development and will be released to the community over the next couple of months. 
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