What is Max Boost?



A Max Boost request is a feature that allows our community members to help each other by vouching for them so that they can cash out a little bit of their paycheck. When you request a Max boost from another community member, you will get a temporary $50 Pay Period Max increase. Please note that this temporary Max will expire at the end of the pay period, and the $50 Boost will be included in Earnin's debits at the end of the pay period.

Why did we make Max Boosts?

At Earnin, our mission to build a financial system that works for people. As a community, it makes sense that people should be able to help each other in this new system. Max Boosts is a step towards the future we envision — since you know your friends better than Earnin could, vouching for them helps them get a higher Pay Period Max.

Enrollment Qualifications (Both Requester and Granter)

  • Have at least one cash out.

  • Have no failed debits.

Things to keep in mind

  • You cannot get an increase beyond your paycheck cap.

  • You are only allowed one Max increase per pay period.

Additional notes

  • This feature is currently in development and will be released to the community over the next couple of months. 
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