What is the Boost feature?

If you request a Boost from another community member and they approve it, you will get a temporary $50 increase to your Pay Period Max. Boosts are temporary and expire at the end of the pay period. If transferred out, the $50 is included in EarnIn's debits on payday.

Boosts are limited to one per pay period. A Boost you give to another community member will refresh for you on that community member’s payday.

Boost requirements (both requester and granter)

  • Have at least one transfer out
  • Have no failed debits
  • Your Pay Period Max must be at least $100

Follow the steps below to use the Boost feature

  1. Once you’ve hit your Max, you’ll see a Request Max Boost link (if eligible) 

  1. Click the Ask a friend button from EarnIn's home screen.

  1. Share the code shown on the following screen with another community member. 
  2. Once the community member approves your request, your Pay Period Max will temporarily increase by $50. 
  3. You may now transfer out the extra $50.