Why is the app saying there was a hiccup with my screenshot?

There are a number of reasons why screenshots get rejected. Rejection reason details are sent via email and send another screenshot through the app.

Here is also a list of the reasons arranged from the most common to the least: 

  • Missing direct deposit
  • Missing Earnin debits
  • Date of the direct deposit does not match payday
  • The direct deposit does not match the employer
  • Incomplete debits 
  • Last 2 digits of the account number is missing
  • Payroll not set up
  • Pay stub sent instead of bank transactions
  • Mismatch with the last 2 digits of the account number
  • The bank balance is not showing
  • Negative bank balance
  • Paper check is a mobile deposit
  • The paycheck is not from the current pay period
  • Unidentified random image
  • Bank connection issue
  • A blurry or pixelated image 
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