How to use the Boost feature


Follow the steps below to use the Boost feature (To learn more about Boost, click here).

The world works best when people help each other. Since we know people are always asking for higher maxes, and Earnin can’t know your friends as well as you do, we put the power to raise maxes in your hands. When you responsibly vouch for your friends, you’re helping the entire community grow stronger.


  1. Click the ASK A FRIEND button from Earnin's home screen.
  2. Share the max code at the lower middle portion of the following screen with another community member (“granter”).
  3. Once the granter has approved the request, your Pay Period Max will increase by $50 until the end of your current pay period.
  4. You may now cash out up to your temporary Pay Period Max.

Additional Notes

Rules and restrictions

  • When requesting an increase, you:
    • Must have cashed out at least once
    • Cannot have missed any payments to Earnin
    • Are allowed one Boost per pay period
    • Cannot Boost your max higher than your paycheck cap
  • When giving a Boost to another community member, you:
    • Must have cashed out at least once
    • Cannot have missed any payments to Earnin

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