How do I Send Earnin a Money Order?



In some situations, the only option is to pay Earnin via money order. In order to do so, please ensure the following criteria are met:

  1. Payable To: “Earnin Activehours”
  2. Amount: The entire outstanding amount is required for processing, please contact our Community Advocates if you are unsure.
  3. On a separate piece of paper, please include either the email connected to your Earnin account or your associated ticket number to ensure it is applied to the correct account.
  4. Mail the money order to our address: “PO Box 46 Palo Alto, CA 94301”

Additional notes

We can only apply the money orders when we have received the full amount owed to Earnin. As soon as the money order has been processed, our support team will notify you of it's completion.



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