I’m having trouble with screenshots

How to upload an image while on chat

  1. In the chat screen, click on the + button
  2. Allow EarnIn app access to your device’s photos and/or camera
  3. Take a photo or select a screenshot
  4. Your screenshot will automatically send once uploaded


What to do if you can’t access your device’s camera for a screenshot


  1. Make sure your app permissions allow EarnIn access to your device’s photo library and camera
  2. If you’re still unable to access the photo-taking option within the app, you can upload a screenshot from your photo library 


If you’re not able to upload your screenshots to the app, reach out to our live 24/7 chat support.


Why wasn’t my screenshot approved?


This most likely means there’s missing information on your screenshot. Review the email EarnIn sent for the specific reason. 


Make sure you’ve met the following requirements: 


To setup or update your pay schedule

  • Submit a copy of your most recent pay stub that shows: 
    • Net pay
    • Pay period start and end dates
    • Number of hours worked


To reset your Pay Period Max

  • Submit a copy of your bank transactions that show:
    • All recent EarnIn debits
    • Your bank balance


To update your direct deposit

  • Submit a copy of your bank transactions that show: 
    • Your recent direct deposit
    • The last two digits of your bank account


To add or update earnings with an electronic timesheet

  • Submit a copy of your most recent timesheet showing:
    • Hours worked
    • Pay cycle dates
    • Your full name
    • Your employer