How do you know what hours I'm working? I'm not enrolled in Automagic Earnings.

We understand how important it is to have control over your finances. That’s why we have Automagic Earnings to help our community members conveniently and efficiently add hours based on their work location instead of having to submit electronic timesheets every month. Automagic earnings automatically add hours for you so you’re always ready for Cash Out.

If you have been accumulating earnings without a timesheet, you are likely already signed up for Automagic Earnings. As long as you keep your phone and location services on, you should see earnings added automatically each time you go to and from work. 

However, Earnin puts you in control of how you would like to add your earnings and if you would prefer to submit your timesheets, you may do that as well! Just upload a screenshot of your digital timesheet into the app, and we’ll get those earnings added to your account ASAP.  

Extra Tips

The health and safety of our community is important to us. Earnin has created some helpful resources for our community members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check out our Helpin group on Facebook and our COVID-19 Resource Center for more information. Stay safe!


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