What if I receive an Overdraft fee because of the Earnin app?



In the rare case that you receive an overdraft charge from Earnin, we have a dedicated team to assist you with your concern. In order to quickly investigate your issue please take screenshots of the following items from your bank account:

  • Our debits on your account
  • The overdraft fees (it should clearly indicate Earnin in the description)
  • Your most recent direct deposit

Please reach us via chat with your screenshots.

Additional notes

It is required to have screenshots of your overdraft fees showing Earnin in the description. If you are having difficulty finding where these are you may try to tap or click on your overdraft fees to show the details.  If your online banking app does not show it you may contact your bank for clarification.

Earnin does not send overdraft fees, these fees are actually charges from your bank.

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