I have a new phone. Do I have to create a new Earnin account?


No, you can still keep your old account. To use your Earnin account to a new device kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that the app is compatible with your phone.
  2. Install the Earnin app.
  3. Login using the credentials you use previously on creating an account with us.
    • Your username is your personal email address.
    • If you won't remember your password click here.
  4. Once you access your account on your new phone, kindly uninstall the app on your old phone.
    • Uninstalling the app on your old phone will help us recognize GPS data on your new phone accordingly to add your earnings.
    • If you're unable to do so, no worries if the old device is not being used, Automagic Earnings will add your earnings accordingly after 3 days. 
    • If you don't have earnings within 3 days, you may send a screenshot of your electronic timesheet.


  • Android
  • iOS

Additional notes

  • It is advisable to retain your old account for you to keep your current pay period Max. If you create a new one, your pay period Max will start at $100 which all new community members are eligible for.
  • Why does Earnin have Maxes?

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