How do I get earnings for Paid Time Off (PTO)/paid Leave of Absence(LOA)?


Get earnings from Paid Time Off (PTO)/Leave of Absence(LOA) credited to your Earnin account.


Your Paid Time off or paid Leave of Absence can be recognized as earnings. Here's how:

  1. Get a screenshot of your electronic timesheet showing the dates you are on leave. Your hours must show they are approved.
  2. If your timesheet doesn't show that the PTO hours are approved, please provide the following documents:
    • Copy of pay stub showing leave or time off was confirmed paid/issued to you
    • Signed and dated official document from your employer that must show:
      • Your company letterhead including a good contact phone number
      • The start date and approximate end date of your leaves - (if future date, you will need to contact us on the day their leave or time off starts)
      • Confirmation that your employer is still paying you while on leave or paid time off (Confirmation that this indeed is a paid leave)
      • The number of hours you work in a pay period (to know how many hours will be added for the days on leave)
  3. Send us your documents by contacting us through chat or via email at

Additional Notes

Types of paid leave that the Earnin app accepts:

  • Vacation/PTO
  • paid Sick Days
  • Maternity /Paternity Leave (but documents showing you have already filed for Maternity Leave are required)
  • Bereavement
  • Medical Leave (LOA)
  • Teachers: Only during Paid Holiday & Vacation (not Summer Hours)

Please note that pay stubs on disability pay is not accepted because these are processed by your local government and is not considered as payment from your employer.

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