Why is my next Cash Out date on my payday after next?


This is because your pay cycle is about to roll over, but your pay period Max has not reset yet. Once your payday arrives and we confirm that our debits have successfully posted on your bank account, you should be able to cash out provided you have available earnings.




  • Example: Samantha's payday is on 01/09/20 and is set weekly on Thursdays. Samantha already reached her pay period Max of $500 scheduled to be debited on 01/09/20. Since we use a bank provider, it is possible that there's a delay in the update we received from her bank and we haven't confirmed that our debits posted yet.
  • Since the debits for the previous pay period are still on a pending status, the app thinks that Samantha already consumed her Max for the current pay period. This is the reason why Samantha received a notification on the app that she will be able to cash out again on her next payday which is on 01/16/20.


  • Android
  • iOS

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