Where do I send my bank transaction screenshots?

Screenshots of your bank transactions are used to confirm that:

  • Your direct deposit already reached your account
  • Our debits have posted on your account
  • Your account does not have a negative balance

Like most financial institutions, Earnin uses a bank provider to connect to your bank which means we don't have live minute by minute updates of your bank account; we only receive updates from your bank periodically. When this happens and you need to cash out again, the app will give you the option to send us a screenshot to update your account.

Helpful Hints

It rarely happens but if for some reason there isn't an option to send us a screenshot to update your account, please take a screenshot of your bank account showing the recent direct deposit from your employer, the last 2 digits of your bank account, and your current bank balance. You may reach us through our live chat support so we can update your account.

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