Why didn't my Max update?

There are a couple of reasons why your Daily Max hasn't reset yet:

  • Your previous Cash Out has not yet posted on your account. 
    • Once posted the Earnin app will update Daily Max.
  • You have reached your Pay Period Max. 

There are a couple of reasons why your Pay Period Max hasn't updated yet:

  • Your debits are still pending but not yet posted. 
    • They need to be posted for the system to reset your Pay Period Max
  • Your account is on hold

As we collaborate with our community members on financial independence, we work hard to keep your Max in your hands. Your Max can increase with good habits or by reaching out to the community for a temporary Max Boost. Check out our Facebook page here to connect with our community.

Helpful hints

If you need any further help, such as your debit already shows as posted on your end, please reach out to our chat support with screenshots showing your debits have already posted.

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