Why isn't my screenshot approved

If you submitted a screenshot of your bank transactions and your account hasn't been updated yet or if you submitted an image of your electronic timesheet and your earnings haven't been added it means that there is missing information on the one you sent in. Please make sure you've met all the requirements below:

  1. To setup or update your pay schedule on the app.
    • Submit a copy of your recent pay stub that shows the net pay, start and end date of your pay cycle, and the number of hours worked.
      • We can manually do this as long as there's already 1 direct deposit on the bank account linked to the app.
  2. To reset your pay period Max limit
    • Submit a copy of your bank transactions that show all our recent debits and your bank balance.
  3. To update your direct deposit
    • Send us a copy of your bank transactions that include your recent direct deposit and the last 2 digits of your bank account number that is linked to the app.
  4. To add or update earnings on the app via electronic timesheet.
    • If you're in a PTO, click here to know the requirements to add your earnings.

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