My direct deposit already posted. When can I transfer out?

The updates we receive from your bank are sometimes delayed, so we may not always be able to confirm that your direct deposit posted immediately. The old financial system moves pretty slowly, but we can cut out the middleman.

Send us a screenshot of your bank transactions showing your most recent paycheck in your bank account and the last 2 digits of your account number. We can update your account through our 24/7 live chat support.


If you see this prompt, click SEND SCREENSHOT and send us a screenshot with the requirements below. 

  • Your most recent paycheck in your bank account
  • Last 2 digits of your account number so we can update your account

Next steps for approved or rejected screenshots

  • Approved: If your screenshot is approved, you will see the button to transfer out again
  • Rejected: If your screenshot is rejected, you will see the screen below. Check your email for detailed rejection reasons and submit a new screenshot or contact Support via our 24/7 chat support.