I am working from home due to the coronavirus. How will this affect my earnings and how can I get further assistance?


We understand that this is an uncertain time and many of our community members are working from home for the time being. 

You may remember that when you started using Earnin with your current employer, you turned on location services. Your earnings were then calculated by your hourly rate and the amount of time you spent at work using your phone’s GPS — this feature replaces the need for a timesheet and is called Automagic Earnings. Typically, workers are not eligible for Automagic Earnings if they do not have a single work location or if they work from home.  

Due to the shelter in place orders that many cities and states have enacted, many salaried and hourly workers are now forced to work from home. In order to accommodate the millions of Americans who are affected by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, Earnin has made a one-time exception to the work from home restriction. We want to allow our community members who rely on Cash Out to continue to do so. The conditions to be able to are: 

  1. You have a copy of your employer notification that says: 

    • You are approved to work from home by the employer.
    • You are not working but still getting paid by the employer.

  2. You have had at least one successful cash out and restore debit from your account
  3. You have received direct deposits for the last three consecutive pay periods

If the above are met, please reach out to our 24/7 chat support from within our app and we will add earnings of $200 or 50% of your last paycheck (whichever is less). You’ll be able to cash out so long as you have not reached your daily or pay period Max. You can monitor your earnings and Maxes in the app if you are curious about what they are.

Thank you for your patience as we work to help all of our community members. We will do our best to get things up and running as usual as soon as the shelter in place rules are lifted. Thanks again for your cooperation as we figure this out together. 

If you need other assistance, visit the Helpin Facebook group to find and share resources related to finances, job loss, access to nutrition, shelter, renter or homeowner services, elder care, and child services, among other categories.


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