How to set tip amount for Cash Outs

At Earnin, we believe you should always be able to access your paycheck as you earn it, so we've made tipping optional.

Tipping helps us keep the community up and running powers our Pay It Forward feature, but we get that there are times where you just can't tip. With Pay It Forward, another community member can cover your tip for you when you aren't able to. 

Before setting the tip amount, select Cash Out amount first. After doing so, a Pay It Forward pop-up will appear. You can then set the tip amount in two ways.

  1. Choose to increase or decrease the number of people to pay it forward to by tapping the (+) or (-) button, then tapping Tip.
    • Note: Tapping Tip will process the Cash Out right away, along with the default tip amount shown on the screen.
  2. Click the Custom Tip button, choose the amount you want to tip by using the Tip Slider, and tap Tip.


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