I'm working from home due to COVID-19. Why are my earnings $200 or less?

Previously, we were able to use your physical work location to calculate the hours you worked making  it easier to differentiate work time from the rest of life. With all the changes to our working lives due to the novel coronavirus, we're finding new ways to accommodate our community. Our top priority is to serve you and our other community members as quickly and effectively as we can. So, we've made an exception to the work from home restriction if these requirements are met: 

  • You have a copy of your employer notification that says: 

    • You are approved to work from home by the employer.
    • You are not working but still getting paid by the employer.
  • You have had at least one successful cash out and restore debit from your account. 
  • You have received direct deposits for the last three consecutive pay periods. 

Since you meet the requirements, we added earnings up to $200 or 50% of your last paycheck (whichever is less), and you'll be able to cash out so long as you have not reached your Daily or Pay Period Max. While we're revamping our systems to support you during this time, we want to make sure we're a reliable partner. Once we've navigated some of these challenges, you'll begin to see your Earnings return to expected levels. Feel free to check your updated earnings in the app and check out our FAQ for more details on working from home due to COVID-19.

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