General Earnings Questions

Why is my hourly rate in the app lower than my actual take-home hourly rate?

The hourly rate Earnin calculates for you may be lower than expected because it's based on the amount of your direct deposit and hours worked.

Your hourly rate may seem low because of these two factors:

  1. You work part-time
  2. You split your paycheck between two bank accounts

If you work part-time, just send us a recent pay stub so we can update your hourly rate. But if you split your paycheck, we can only increase your hourly rate once you combine your pay into the bank account you’ve linked in the app. The minimum hourly rate must be at least $4 for you to use the app.


How are my hourly rate and payday determined?

At Earnin, we want to help our customers maintain a healthy bank balance.

That is why we calculate your take-home rate (net pay) with your taxes and deductions in mind. Your hourly rate is determined by getting your average paycheck deposit history and your work hours/schedule. Your payday is set using the payroll pattern from your employer’s direct deposit to the bank account that you linked to the app. 

If you notice that your hourly rate is lower than usual, it may be because you work part-time or your paycheck is split into separate bank accounts, making the computed hourly rate low. If this happens, reach out to us so we can review this for you. You can also check out this article for more info on that. 


Does a negative bank balance affect my earnings?

A negative bank balance won't affect your earnings. It will, however, affect whether or not you can Cash Out since the Earnin app will try to reserve a portion of your earnings to make sure we don't debit more than your direct deposit to avoid any overdraft fees from your bank.


What are earnings and how are they calculated?

Earnings are the amount you have already earned this pay period. This is the amount you will be able to Cash Out from up to your Daily and Pay Period Maxes.

We calculate these in one of two ways, either through electronic timesheets you send us or through our Automagic Earnings feature which tracks you automatically.

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