How does Work Email Verification work and what are the requirements?

We understand that more of our community members are now working from home. As a result, adding earnings through Automagic Earnings is no longer an option since community members are not physically going to their work’s location. If you’re working from home and have a work email address, you can add earnings through Work Email Verification.


Work Email Verification allows you to use your work email to verify your employment and add earnings. If you're seeing the option on the home screen, you will need a valid, employer-provided work email and have the ability to access your work inbox.

How to verify your work email address

If you meet the requirements above, follow the steps below to verify your work email address and start getting earnings.

  1. Make sure your app is on the latest version and you have access to your work email inbox
  2. Tap on VERIFY WORK EMAIL in the Earnin app
  3. Enter your work email. Note that gmail and other public email addresses cannot be used for work email verification.
  4. Tap VERIFY MY WORK EMAIL. If your employer is supported, you’ll receive an in app message that an email is sent. If you don’t receive the message, it could be we don’t support your employer yet.


5. Please check your inbox immediately after the confirmation and look for an email with the subject "Please verify your work email". Note that the verification link in the email will expire. Upon expiration, you will need to go back to step 1.


6. Tap VERIFY WORK EMAIL and the message "Your email has been verified" will appear with additional messaging stating you'll receive earnings for the pay period within minutes.





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