What do I need to do for Earnin Express

Start your upgrade to Earnin Express from the top of the app home screen or scroll down to see the Enroll button.


    • Verify your identity to create your Earnin Express virtual account
    • Let your employer know to update your direct deposit to come to your Earnin Express virtual account
    • That’s it! When your first paycheck arrives in your Earnin Express virtual account, your upgrade will be complete!


Note: Please make sure you have a valid and up-to-date debit card linked for Lightning Speed in the Earnin app. This is how we’ll send your remaining funds to your Earnin linked bank account on payday at Lightning Speed.

Together, we're helping each other get to a better place financially. That means building products that help you stay in control of your money from the moment you earn it. Earnin Express is the evolution of payday - giving you access to your earned income faster.

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