What do I need to do for Earnin Express

Start your upgrade to Earnin Express from the top of the app home screen


    • Verify your identity to create your Earnin Express virtual account
    • Let your employer know to update your direct deposit to come to your Earnin Express virtual account
    • That’s it! When your first paycheck arrives in your Earnin Express virtual account, your upgrade will be complete!


Note: Please make sure you have a valid and up-to-date debit card linked for Lightning Speed in the Earnin app. This is how we’ll send your remaining funds to your Earnin linked bank account on payday at Lightning Speed.:

Together, we're helping each other get to a better place financially. That means building products that help you stay in control of your money from the moment you earn it. Earnin Express is the evolution of payday - giving you access to your earned income faster.

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