I’m no longer unemployed. How do I change back to employed in the app?

It’s great to hear that you’re employed again! To set yourself up as employed in the Earnin app, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your app is on version 10.40+
  2. Navigate to Settings in the app
  3. Tap on WORK INFO
  5. Tap on EMPLOYED
  6. Enter in your pay type and follow the prompts to enter your company and work location

If your employment information is exactly the same as before you were unemployed, you will only need one direct deposit in your bank account linked to Earnin to set up your payroll.

If your employer is different than your previous job, then the normal payroll setup process will be initiated which is two or more direct deposits or a single direct deposit with a paystub so we can identify your pay schedule. This is important so we don’t overdraft your account.

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