What are the perks of Deposit Account?

The Deposit Account is an account Earnin will use to receive direct deposits from third parties like your employer.

This means we can offer you: 

    • Potential higher pay period Max. 
      • Your Deposit Account pay period Max can reach $1000 or up to 80% of the paycheck amount you direct to Earnin - whichever is less. To get your highest possible pay period Max, route your full paycheck to Deposit Account. 
    • Using Deposit Account won’t change your payday!
      • You might even be able to access your paycheck a few days earlier!
    • Smoother transfer out experience.
      • No more uploading pesky bank screenshots on payday! 


Together, we're helping each other get to a better place financially. That means building products that help you stay in control of your money from the moment you earn it. Deposit Account is the evolution of payday - giving you access to your earned income faster.


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