My employer issued me paper checks while I transitioned my direct deposit to my Deposit Account. How will this affect my Earnin account?

Some employers will issue their employees paper checks during the transition period when their direct deposit is being rerouted to their Deposit Account. If you anticipate that your employer will be issuing you paper checks while you transition your direct deposit to your Deposit Account, please reach out to support so we can reschedule your debit for you. 

Please also verify the Deposit Account virtual account and routing numbers that you provided to your employer are accurate. You may find this information under Settings in the app. Additionally, you may want to confirm with your employer that there are no issues with your next paycheck and that it will be deposited into your Deposit Account. Otherwise, this can potentially result in an overdraft on your account.

If you have already been issued a paper check from your employer and did not let EarnIn know prior to EarnIn debiting your bank account, you may incur an overdraft as a result. If you receive an overdraft fee as a result of EarnIn debiting your bank account or a pay period Max decrease, please reach out to our community advocates via our live 24/7 support so we can review your EarnIn account. 

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